Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tuesday Take 5 Week 7 Answers

St. Patrick's Day Tuesday Take 5 Week 7

1. have you ever made some thing a certain color for a holiday (i.e. green cookies for st. patrick's day)? Yes, sure. Especially when we were cooking for church fellowship meals
2. what is your favorite green food? Asparagus! Love it!
3. what is your favorite irish dish to make?Colcannon and Barmbrack, just not necessarily together. Also like reubens, but I guess corned beef isn't actually irish...
4. what is one irish dish that you have always wanted to try?Dublin Lawyer sounds good to me!
5. have you ever had green beer?Nope. Don't like beer...I've had several green drinks though

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caryn said...

thanks for playing along!! never tried colcannon, do you have a good recipe