Friday, October 10, 2014

Book Review: My Princesses Learn to Be Brave and My Princesses Learn to Share

So, if you follow this blog you know I'm not the best at keeping it going. But today I have another book review especially for those of you with little princesses at home. About a year ago I reviewed another Tyndale House book titled The One Year My Princess Devotions book. My girls LOVED that book and we completed it not long ago. When these two new books with the same illustrator came up for review, I knew they would like them as well. They are sweetly illustrated with adorable princesses but the illustrations just enhance the wonderful lessons that each book brings.

In My Princesses Learn to Be Brave, two friends Grace and Hope have to face a bully on the playground. Using the story of Queen Esther from the bible, the story shows the two girls finding a way to work WITH the bully and get him on their side rather than either confronting him or allowing him to "win". By including the bully in their play they solve the problem and have a wonderful new friend as well. Each of the books starts with a sweet poem about being a princess and each includes a bible lesson to help with an everyday situation.

In My Princesses Learn to Share, Grace and Hope are playing dress up when they both decide they want one particular dress. When they tear the dress while fighting over it, Mom is able to share with them the story of Jesus and the boy with the loaves and fish while she is mending the dress and helps them to learn a lesson in sharing. 

My girls both enjoyed these books. While not very long, they are a cute way to introduce biblical solutions to children and are very popular with little girls who want to be God's princesses.

*DISCLAIMER: While I have not been monetarily compensated for this review, Tyndale House Publishers HAS provided me with a complimentary copy of this book for review.

Friday, August 01, 2014

Book Review: The Redcoats Are Coming! (Imagination Station #13)


Summary: Book 13 in the Imagination Station series, "The Redcoats Are Coming follows Patrick and Beth as they assist the revolutionaries by waking up the sleeping citizens of 1775 Concord before the Redcoats come. The cousins meet Paul Revere, Samuel Adams, and John Hancock and help smuggle musket balls, sound the alarm that the Redcoats are coming, and deliver a secret message to Paul Revere. Along the way they learn that most of the revolutionaries leaned on God's direction and even pastors helped in the cause."

This is the first of this series that we have read but both of my girls, ages 3 and 5, found this book interesting and I found it a very interesting read as well. It is what I call a Christian version of the popular Magic Tree House series that we have also read and I am looking forward to reading the other books in the series. While it may not be completely historically accurate, it is a great way to make historical events come alive and to even tie in some family history as I told our girls about family members who were alive and in this area during this time in history. This book has helped to spark a genuine interest in not only historical events but also in our own family history so I would say it has been a great stepping stone for discussion and learning as well. 

We will be sure to share reviews of other books in this series as we read them. I have a feeling the girls will be hooked :)

 *DISCLAIMER: While I have not been monetarily compensated for this review, Tyndale House Publishers HAS provided me with a complimentary copy of this book for review.

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