Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Dinner tip of the day - Meatloaf Muffins!

Ok, so today's tip for those who are interested, is meatloaf muffins... We started doing this when we were cooking for a large group at our church on Wednesday nights. It allows the meatloaf to cook quicker and is much easier to serve. Just make your favorite meatloaf recipe but instead of making a loaf out of it, form extra-large meatballs and bake them in a muffin tin. This is also very helpful when, like us, you have several toppings you like. You don't have to choose! Just top the meatloaf muffins differently. So, in the photos, you'll see first the "unadorned" meatloaves in the tin, then the "adorned" version with my ketchup and mustard toppings. This works really well for left overs as well. Freeze them and just take out one or two for an individual meal or several for the family. And slices are perfect for a hamburger bun for a meatloaf sandwich! Hope this idea is helpful to some of you out there!

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