Friday, November 13, 2009

Daily Dilemma - Wish Lists

Ok, so this may not work, but I'm going to try and start posting to this blog daily with a "daily dilemma". This will be a question that pops into my head on a subject just about anything. You know, those annoying little questions that you think to yourself every day and wonder what others think. So I'm going to start posting my daily dilemma and hope that some of you out there in the ether will respond back with your opinions on the subject...

Today's Daily Dilemma: Wish Lists: Greedy or Good Idea?

So I was thinking today about Christmas present shopping which I usually try and have done or at least planned out before Thanksgiving. And always around this time of year I start hearing from family the question "What do you want for Christmas" and "What should we get E for Christmas" and "What should we get M for Christmas" (for those who don't know, "E" is my daughter, who is 14 months old and M is my husband).

Now, I usually keep a list on my computer of things I hear people mention throughout the year that they would like to have. It's my way of being able to surprise them with gifts on birthdays, Christmas, etc. But I don't share those lists as a rule because I only keep them for me... But as I was looking over E's list that I keep on Amazon, I realized it would be SO EASY to just create a wish list for her and send out the link and be done with it. Now, this list is things that I'd like to get her someday or things that other mommy friends have recommended or things that I've seen other kids with that I thought she'd like, etc. Some of the things are small things like books I think she'd like and some are bigger things like a wagon that seats two. Some are things that unless we win the lotto we probably won't be able to afford any time soon (like a swing set) and some are things that we'll probably eventually get her (like books). But all are things that I think she'd like or things she needs. So my dilemma is do I send out an email with a link to this list and a note saying, "just in case you were wondering what to get her" or does that seem greedy?

On the subject of wish lists in general, what do you think? Are they helpful or hurtful? For example, wedding and baby registries? Those are "wish lists" aren't they? Do you like them or prefer not to use them? I personally like to check them, but I may or may not buy something from them depending on my budget, how well I know the person, etc. And little kids often write letters to Santa with their wish lists... Do you, as their parent, pass those lists on or do you consider them strictly a "Mom & Dad" thing?

Is there an age at which a wish list becomes greedy rather than good idea? For instance, I have my own wish list on Amazon of things I'd like to have. I have a "book list" I have a "gift idea" list, I have a cd/dvd list and an MP3 list. I don't usually share those with anyone (except hubby when he asks) but I keep them so I can remember things I've seen that I'd like to have. Occasionally when I get a gift card or some birthday/Christmas money I use it to buy a thing or two off that list, but is that something that would be greedy if I were to share it or would it be a good idea so people know what to look for?

Is it a wish list if it's compiled by someone else? For instance, E isn't old enough yet to tell me what she wants, so it's not really "her" wishes on that list but our (mainly my) wishes for her. And M is old enough to tell me his wish list, but if the list I have is things that he hasn't specifically TOLD me to put on the list, is it his wish list or my suggestions of things he might like? In those cases does it make it ok for me to share the lists because they're my suggestions and not their wants? And does that mean that I shouldn't share my own but should rely on hubby to tell others his suggestions for what to give me? (Ugh! What a thought! LOL!)

So, what do you think? Wish lists - Good Idea or Greedy?

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