Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hoo Are You? Tuesday

Time for another week of Hoo Are You!


1. Name 5 things you are grateful for!
my husband and my two beautiful girls, all of whom I adore
a life worth living 
a Savior who loves me no matter what (do I have to stop at 5?)

2. What is you favorite dish at Thanksgiving dinner?
gotta be dessert... especially pumpkin pie!

3. Do you have any family traditions for Thanksgiving?
Watching the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade and being with family

4. Are you staying home or traveling for Thanksgiving?
 Sorta both... We'll be in our home town, but at my dad and stepmom's place with them, my mom who's traveling in to be with us, dad's parents (my grandparents), some friends and then in the evening my sister, her husband and my niece...
5. What else do you do on Thanksgiving day besides eat?
Mainly just be with family


fluffyknitter said...

Nice post and I love your play list! Some of my favorite songs :)

LivKit said...

Great answers sounds like me!

Leslie said...

It sounds like your Thanksgiving Day is full of family and fun! Thanks for linking up to Hoo are you and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Tasia said...

Thanksgiving with the family is always the best!

I hope that you have a wonderful (and relaxing) Thanksgiving!

Jana said...

I have to say the being with family part is the best. And I forget that when I am at my parents house we like to watch the parade too!